Thursday, April 19, 2012

My 5 Minutes With Stacy London! (VIDEO)

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to meet the beautiful and inspiring fashion guru, Stacy London while she graced Montgomery Mall with her presence. I was super excited to meet the 'What Not To Wear' host as she made a fashionable stop to Maryland for a Style Tour where she had fans lined up to meet her! After a brief chat, Stacy agreed to share a bit of style advice for those working women that often needs help with finding the perfect transitional outfit that goes from day to night. Although, I only got to speak with her shortly, Stacy was a burst of energy and very engaging. She will always be my Style & Grace Icon for her humbling spirit! I look forward to meeting her again, she is truly an inspiration for Fashion Bloggers and Stylists. Check out the video below:

P.S. This was my first video interview so pleaseeeeee excuse the stuttering and what not....I was beyond NERVOUS! But, practice makes perfect, so I'm looking forward to doing more interviews in the future. I promise to do more video blogs since I'm school free for the next two months and I finally figured out how to upload a video! *fist pump*