Friday, April 13, 2012

HAUTE FRIDAY: Sneak-Peek Into 2 Year Ms. Style & Grace Anniversary Party!

Me and My Fabulous Sissy, Melissa showing off our cut-out dresses <3

Did you miss me? It feels like I haven't blogged in weeks but I know it's only been a few days BUT soooo much has happened (having a bit of withdrawal..."you sleep, i blog"). First and foremost, I'm done with my second year of Grad school so I'm ready to celebrate to conquering another year, I'm so close to the finish line. Secondly, and most importantly I had a fantastic time at the 2 Year Ms. Style & Grace Anniversary Party at L2 Lounge in Georgetown. I'm not going to lie, I had a bit of a spiral prior to getting to the venue because the traffic into Georgetown was "turnt up" lol but it was totally worth it when I arrived to greet my family, friends & guests. I had such an amazinnnnnnnnn time like SERIOUSLY. I'm really eager to do a full-recap of the event next week, so you can see how amazing it really was. I did decide to post a few stolen sneak-peek photos from the party below via my lovely friends iphone/instagram. They are so awesome at capturing the best moments and I heart them for that. As soon as I get the official photographs from my photographer, I'll be sure to share them with you to see how awesome everyone looked! Also, a very special thanks to Nival for hooking up my guests with a gift certificate to the spa & salon...I HEART YOU more than you know! Anyway, check out a few pictures below:   

A total family affair with my gorgeous U.K. cousin, Soroya!

Besties for lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Hello, I'm obsessed with them <3

Color-Block happy with De'Angela and my amazinnnnnn (you daaa bestest) event planner, Jessica!

Smile & Posing with Tonya, Lilian, Big Sissy Kim, Jessica & D'Angela!
My favorite dollfaces Adrienne, Wenny & Terrin! We are sooo matching <3
I sooo wish I could've been in this one, how happy do my girls look?! L to R: Krystle, Aisha, Crystal, Wenny & Kacey

It's officially the weekend and I'm ready to spend time with my U.K. cousins.......
so I'm outtie 3000!

*bows out gracefully*  


  1. Looooove this dress! Do you mind teeling me where u got it?

  2. Sorry I'm just seeing this...the dress is from ASOS!