Wednesday, April 18, 2012

COACHELLA 2012 STYLE: Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lauren Conrad & More!

While you were sleeping (over the weekend) tons and I mean tons of people were partying to their favorite artists on the West Coast at Coachella 2012!!! While I thought I would be laying out in the sun all day and rocking out with the Coachella attendees I'm clearly stuck on the East Coast, staring at my computer and hitting the refresh button on youtube. Thank God for the internet because I'm fully up-to-date on the latest style  & amazinnnn performances! I'm seriously obsessed with the style choices from some of my favorite celebs, models, and socialites. The music line-up  and amazing style choices have stolen my heart during the festival so far. Take a peek why don't you....  

Hello, I neeeeeeeed to be at Coachella 2013! So necessary but, I couldn't just post about the fashion without showing you the super creepy, amazing, down-right-technological-swag performance of 2PAC Holographic performing.....THUG-LIFE!

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