Monday, September 22, 2014


Hello, beautiful people! If you haven't heard's officially Fall 2014 and I've got that Summertime sadness #fixitJesus. I think what I'll miss mostly about Summer is the pool and brunchin' outside, I'm often the most happiest when laying out by the pool and sipping champs lol...know me! Over the weekend I had the opportunity to check out the #OutfittedShop at 600 F Street Loft in support of one my girlfriends who happens to be an amazing hair stylist at Karma Beauty Lounge (Ask for Skylar). Summer made a cute appearance over the weekend so I decided to fully embrace it by throwing on a lace/sheer tank over my white jeans for the occasion. After this shopping event I had 3 other places to go that ranged from assisting one of my girlfriends with her travel wardrobe, my nephews birthday party and a cookout. Comfy, cute and transitional was the goal, did I hit the mark? My friends always tease me about how many events/things I have on my agenda...Saturday was no different, it was quite the adventure (but a good one *wink*).     
WHAT I WORE: Lace tank (similar here)/ White jeans by ZARA/ Nude Christian Louboutin heels/
We shopped, did some politicking, sipped on some champs/cocktails, posed it up in the photo-booth, and even a few ladies got their hair done at the braid bar by Skylar (Go girl!). It was a great way to kick off my Saturday afternoon followed by lots of running around the DMV area, by Sunday I was beat and in need of some R&R so I had a much needed "Lazy Sunday" watching the BeyoncĂ© & Jay Z "On The Run" concert followed by endless naps. Now that the weekend is over and Summer is over, I can't wait to do some Fall shopping, I've got my list ready! After I get back from vacay (OMG that's coming so soon--No worries, I won't leave you guys hanging, I plan to do some blogging while I'm away! That's what Wi-Fi is for right?). In the meantime between time, tomorrow I'll reveal my TALK THAT TALK post that I've been promising you guys! Happy Monday everyone!

*bows out gracefully*      

Friday, September 19, 2014


So I finally got the chance to attend New York Fashion Week this year and I must say that although I wasn't able to stay the entire time I had so much fun. Fashion gives me an unexplainable high I can't put into words and it makes me feel so alive (...And I heard you have to stay close to anything that makes you feel alive). Apparently, the time I finally decided to go to New York was in the midst of a heat wave so I opted for lighter and looser clothing because I knew between my 6 block walk to the subway and 30 min train ride that I would be doing a lot of moving around.  I attended the A MOI Presentation, Project Runway show, Dorin Negrau and J. Mendel while mixing and mingling with some of the fashion industry's finest. New York was a spiral (a good spiral) because I was back and forth twice in between DC while trying to be in the moment of "fashion week" but needless to say I got see a few friends and just soak up the city for all of it's greatness. I'm eager to get back there for some Fall Shopping, can you believe summer is over?! Without further delay, check out my recap of NYFW below:   
Project Runway! Originally I had a priority standing ticket but I was able to snag me a decent seat and enjoyed the show and super cute gift bag. Thank you Project Runway! 

My phone was dying so I wasn't able to snap that many pictures during the Project Runway show but needless to say it was a great show!!! We saw 9 collections and got to see Hiedi Klum make Tim Gunn do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I even got to step on the runway and strut a bit before meeting up with my friend! Fashion for breakfast it was :) 

I had that surreal, "Schuntel you are fashion week moment" and all I could do was smile and Thank God. Having the opportunity to just be there was such a blessing, I'm just one out a million fashion bloggers so to be approved to sit among the people I truly admire and respect in the industry is beyond amazing, it's humbling. Fashion does something for my truly feeds me and I realize it every time I'm getting dressed. It's a feeling that I can't fully put into words but I like the way it feels. I think it's the thing that keeps blogging so exciting for me and keeps me sane when life throws me lemons. Where words fail, fashion speaks!
WHAT I WORE: Vintage sequin top/ Yellow skirt by American Apparael / 'Lance' Sandals by Jimmy Choo/

Then, there was the Dorin Negrau show that I sat front at, which was quite the experience. The collection was very intriguing and had a very vampy inspiration.


Dorin Negaru's runway show was totally different than I expected, very edgy and stayed true to the vampy gothic theme through out. I fell in love with most of the lace pieces he had in his collection.
My final show before jetting back to DC was J. Mendel and it was one of my favorite shows!

I was able to snag me a seat on the third row (OMG! I was dying) and I had the best view of the most breathtaking collection. The silhouettes of the dresses were beyond beautiful and I fell head over heels with the furs in different colors. Check out a few of my favorite pieces below:  

Posed by my future car! Lol! I couldn't resist snapping a pic with this car as it matched my outfit perfectly...hehe. Now I want to upgrade my baby! #fixitjesus

WHAT I WORE: Cream mesh T-Shirt dress by ZARA/ Neon bag (old) by ZARA/ Neon 'Malika' sandals by Jimmy Choo/Necklace by TopShop/  
And just like week was over and I can't wait to go back in February 2015 (hopefully for the whole week)! What an incredible experience, my goal is to attend London or Paris fashion week next Fall. 'Ms. Style and Grace Goes to London/Paris'...I like the sound of that.   

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

THE RECAP: Schuntel's 2014 Summer Bucket List!

Now that Summer is coming to an end (*insert sad face*) it's time for a necessary recap of my life (well most of After a few weeks off from blogging I've experienced so much that I can't put into words how many emotional and physical rollercoasters I've been on but needless to say my summer was nothing short but of ENCHANTING. I'm not quite sure if I was ready for all that I experienced but I must say it was life changing and fostered my understanding of "let your actions reveal your heart" as well as becoming the woman that I've always wanted to be. I cried, I laughed really hard, I ate at some amazing restaurants, I celebrated some amazing accomplishments, fell head over heels for someone, stepped out of my comfort zone, lost a few friends (gained some new ones), travelled a little, went to the pool a lot, started mediating and building a closer relationship with God, and I got a chance to really enjoy Summer for all that it was worth. Summer 2014 was one like no other and I'm so grateful that I got to enjoy it with the people that matter the most to me. As you may recall, I did a 2014 Summer Bucket List of all the things I wanted to accomplish and I'm really happy to say that I did most of all of them (Yay). Also, check out my Best of Summer below!!   

  1. Save more MONEY! (Mission accomplished...STILL more to save!)
  2. Go bike-riding around the city! (I didn't get the chance to do this BUT, there is always fall)
  3. Smile even when it hurts, smile even when it's hard, and smile when life is good. (Check!)
  4. Attend more charity events. (I did this plus planned a volunteer event with my friends & family)   

  5. Start a new Gratitude Journal.  (This has been my greatest form of therapy!)
  6. Drink more water than alcohol.  (Ummm about

  7. Show people how much I love them with my actions.  (Everyday ALL DAY)

  8. Find time EVERYDAY to pray and meditate.  (A challenge but I've been making it my duty to find the time to do this.)
  9. Pool Dates EVERY WEEK (Hello, I'm a water sign baby). (I was poolside ALL SUMMER!!! Penthouse Pool was my haven.)
  10. Watch the sunrise and sunset! (It was beautiful, really enjoyed this part of the summer)

  11. Go to a Winery! (I attended a wine fest with a few much fun!)

  12. Spend quality time with my nieces and nephews. (I couldn't get enough of them! Love those tots)

  13. Plan a surprise for someone special!  (I did this a few times....*pats self on back*) 
  14. Go to the beach at least once. (Sadly, I only went to the beach when I went to Costa Rica).
  15. Dance the night away to my favorite song. (I did this ALOT! Please don't stop the music)

  16. Love a little harder. (I can certainly say I did this....)

  17. Go to the spa at least twice! (Ahhhhh I didn't get a chance to go to the spa, but I've made it my duty to go this Fall/Winter)
  18. Meet someone new.  (I met so many awesome people this summer!)
  19. Attend an outdoor concert. (I went to see Beyoncé & Jay Z in much fun!!!)

  20. Do a Flying Trapeze class! (Really sad I didn't get to do this, but I plan to do it soon)
  21. Watch the fireworks. (4th of July was a blur because I wasn't feeling too well but I did catch the fireworks on my friend's rooftop, so beautiful!)

  22. Go on a hike! (Does outdoor exercising count? I did a lot of running that's for sure).

  23. Cook a few things... (I'm learning ya'll be patient with steps!)
  24. Attend a baseball game! (Super sad I forgot to go to baseball game).
  25. Visit a museum. (Totally forgot about this!)  
  26. Go somewhere I've never been. (I dined at a few restaurants...)
  27. Take a vacation or a few mini-trips. (I slacked on this part of the summer but I went to Los Vegas and towards the tail end New York).

  28. Attend my 10 Year High School Reunion (Where does the time go?).  (This was so much fun, so glad the planning part of it is over!).    

Best Outfits of the Summer:

Best Swimsuits of the Summer:
Best Selfies of the Summer:  

I really hoped everyone enjoyed their summer, I'll be back very soon with my recap from New York Fashion Week (it was the highlight of my summer so it deserves a separate post!) and a Talk That Talk post that I've been working on for a few weeks now (can't wait to share--it's a juicy topic).Thank you to my faithful readers for your patience with me getting back to blogging, I never knew so many people read my blog it's really humbling to know that people are still supporting me. I now have the time to give blogging 100% of my time so I'll be updating weekly. I'm still shocked summer is almost (officially over in 1 week) over but I'm super pumped for Fall shopping.
God gave me Style, God gave me Grace!

*bows out gracefully*