Wednesday, September 2, 2015

SUMMER STYLE SERIES: Sequins in September ||

all images by: Laura Metzler Photography

Happy September! Can you believe it's almost Fall? I'm super excited for this month, especially with fashion week around the corner and a fun trip I have planned. With summer and all it's mood swings, I'm happy to bring to you the 5th outfit from my Summer Style Series entitled "Sequins in September". I'm a girly girl and my eye is always drawn to sparkly things especially this striped sequin dress and because I'm always on the move I paired it with my favorite sneakers. Living in the city has it's perks but it can do numbers on your heels so it's nice to have a pair of go-to sneakers for days like this. In addition, since Fall wants to be here sooooo bad (lol) I've started to bring out my jackets including my trusty jean jacket and added a few embellishments to it to make it fun and wearable. Check out the rest of my "Sequins in September" photo-shoot below:

WHAT I WORE: Psych Out Sheath dress by Trina Turk/ PORTUS Sneakers by ALDO SHOES/ Jean Jacket (similar found here/
I had so much fun doing this part of my Summer series, of course it was taken in Georgetown in this alley that captured the essence of what I was aiming for. The dress was super comfortable and definitely one that you should have in your closet. There is one more outfit left in my Summer Style Series that I can't wait to share. With that being said, I have a busy social calendar coming up and I plan to enjoy my labor day weekend with my friends so I'll be back next week! Stay tuned!
*bows out gracefully*

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Happy Wednesday beautiful people!! Between moving, unpacking and figuring out life I've been pretty busy (in a good way). Super excited about finally living in the city and being a lot closer to all the action amongst planning and getting my social calendar together. Anyway, enough with my rambling... it's back to business per usual and I'm happy to share more images from my Summer Style Series photo-shoot. I'll call this one "Crop it Out" because after all what is summer without a crop top? Lol. See pictures from this Summer Style Series below:

WHAT I WORE: Vintage sunnies (gifted)/ White Bandeau Bralet by Miss.Guided/ Orange wide-legged pants by ZARA(old)/ Fringe heels by Aldo Shoes/  
If you know anything about my style, it's that I LOVEEEE a crop top. Why, you ask? It's easy, trendy, I feel uber sexy in it (only when my stomach/2-pack cooperates lol) and the mere face that it just goes with almost everything. I think a crop top makes my life easier, I'm not deciding for hours what I should wear, I just build my outfit around "the crop" and voila I have a outfit in less than a hour. My crop top collection includes-- short sleeves, long-sleeves and bralet ones like this that definitely shakes up my classic style. Crop top season has been upon for awhile now, and this summer style series wouldn't be complete with this look. I adore this outfit because it is definitely something I would wear when having lunch with my friends or heading to a day event. I think the vintage sunnies gives this look a very retro feel which I love and totally adds the right touch to it. I'm a minimalist when it comes to jewelry so I kept this one very simple. We have 2 more Summer Style Series left, can you believe summer will be over in a few weeks?! I'm NOT ready but totally can't wait for Fall :)

Monday, August 10, 2015


I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, mine was eventful of course lol. This whole transition of moving into the city on top of the million of other responsibilities I have has me SPIRALING but I'm happy the time has come if that makes any sense lol. Anyway, as promised here is another outfit from my Summer Style Series called "The Matrix" which I absolutely love and adore. Black and White will never go out of style and mixing prints/patterns like this is always so intriguing and beautiful. Check out the rest of this series below.

The movement in this dress is to die for. Super obsessed!

WHAT I WORE: Crew cutout Maxi Dress by Sachin & Babi/ Embellised clutch by ALDO (old)/'So Kate' Christian Louboutin heels/ Jewels (gifted)/  
If you can't tell by now...I loveeee cutout details on dresses, especially maxi dresses lol. I think this dress is perfect for an evening in the city ---it's fun, trendy and most importantly effortlessly speaks for itself. I have 3 more looks left in this Summer Style Series, stay tuned for next weeks outfit..I think you guys will love it! Can you believe Summer is about to be over?! Anyway, it's back to packing and my very long TO-DO list. Have an amazing Monday and beautiful week guys!!
*bows out gracefully*  

Thursday, August 6, 2015




WHAT I WORE: Tag Maxi dress by Hunter Bell/ Snakeskin cork wedge heels by Jimmy Choo/
All images shot by: Laura Metzler
This dress was so comfortable and easy to wear, you can pair this with high-heel sandals or even flats. My favorite part about this look was the hidden pockets and side cut-outs, so on trend and practical. The color is just beautiful don't you think? Still crushing on this little maxi...

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I thought I'd let the pictures do the talking for! Hello beautiful people, I'm back from a much needed vacation. I did everything I wanted to all day, drink all night, soak up the sun, lay out on the beach, go to the pool, jump in a cave 25 feet deep, snorkle, drive ATV/Buggy and most importantly RELAX. I'm very excited to be back and although since I returned from vacation I've been running around, my next project I'm about to tackle is moving in the city! I can't wait to make this transition and start working on a few projects. So much to do, so little time...Stay tuned for the return of my Summer Style Series tomorrow!
*bows out gracefully*  

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

THE RECAP: Schuntel Alexis Goes LIVE with Let's Talk Live! [VIDEO]

Yesterday, was one of the most AMAZING days of my life. I saw my dream turn into a reality and I have God to thank for that. If I've learned anything about chasing my dreams it is to move quietly and with extreme belief that timing is everything. You can't talk so much, just prove it with action. Yesterday was a pivotal day in my career as I hosted my very own style segment with Let's Talk Live. I've been planning this for some time now and I'm happy that it turned out exactly how I envisioned it. Hard work really pays off and staying positive (as hard as it is) definitely has it's rewards. There were so many No's but with persistence and remaining focus I was able to do something I've always wanted to do and so can you. Check out my #SchuntelAlexisGoesLIVE morning below:
Morning Glam!

Mimosas for breakfast AND to take the nerves away lol!

Laugh through it's the best medicine! #bible

The talented and celebrity make-up artist, Lola did it again! She made me look so beautiful...extremely grateful for her skills and taking the time to make me & the girls FLAWLESS.

On the way to the studioooo...

When the lighting is perfect... #Ussie

Here are the 3 Looks from My Hottest looks of the Summer Segment (left to Right):
1. "Sporty Chic" Jasmine Dress Set
2. Floral, Prints & Patterns Lillie Dress
5. 70s Glam/Era Tasha Romper 

1 more selfie before we go LIVE!!

Me & the girls! It's official :)

A ball of nerves but couldn't be more excited to be discussing a topic I'm passionate about!

My co-host Julie Wright after a great segment!

My heart is so full and the outpour of love and support has been so humbling. I couldn't have done this without the support of my family, friends & readers so thank you for believing in me and riding this journey with me. Thank you to my friend that owns Urban Sweetheart for helping me out with this segment, if you're looking for the latest trends in fashion head over there! It's been one heck of a ride but I wouldn't trade it for anything. There's so much in store for Schuntel Alexis this year, I'm eager to keep the momentum going and make more dreams my reality. Check out my full segment below:

I hope everyone enjoyed this segment! Thank you to my friends Brittany, Skyler and Sodie for being awesome models! Still on cloud 9 :)
*bows out gracefully*