Friday, October 24, 2014

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Remembering Oscar De La Renta

This week the fashion industry lost an legend by the name of Oscar De La Renta, his beautiful gowns and riveting fashion collections will forever remain a footprint in my memory. He was not only a driving force in the fashion industry but he was an inspiration to many. Filled with passion and an intense desire to creatively express himself through fashion makes him a "Man of heart" as the Huffington Post would say. I've been smitten with Oscar De La Renta for years, he never disappointed me and he always made women feel so beautiful (what's not to love?). When I think of Oscar De La Renta, I think of episode of Sex And The City when Carrie (Sara Jessica Parker) wore the Spring 2004 pink dress gifted to her by her "Russian" and how fabulous she felt. Now that is when I first fell head over heels for him...This week we lost a man that was an icon in the fashion industry, his presence will be missed and at 82 years old he has truly left his mark in this world.

Check out an old video of Oscar De La Renta being interviewed by the New York Times.  

*bows out gracefully*

Friday, October 17, 2014


WHAT I WORE: White tank top by BEBE/ Grey wrap blazer by Zara (old)/ Eagle necklace by TopShop/ Cropped denim jeans by Seven for All Mankind/ Gold & Black cap-toe heels by Saint Laurent/  
Hello beautiful people! Did everyone have a great week? I've been quite busy this week with getting caught up with work from vacation, getting my team together for the 2014 Trot for Hunger (shameless plug...if you want to join my "SCHMONEY" team as we run a 5K for the homeless on Thanksgiving morning, email me or sign up HERE!) as well as reconnecting with my friends. It's officially Fall in the city so I'm getting ready to transition my closet and do a little bit of shopping, in which I've already copped me a bomber jacket, leather pants, fur vest and some new Loubies to kick off the season. I still need my Timbs and a few other staples to complete my Fall/Winter wardrobe but I'm totally ready for this least I think I'm ready lol. Anyway, I hope everyone has an amazing weekend...I hear the weather will be beautiful (no rain) in the DMV so I'm happy about that, I plan to be out and about a little.  
*bows out gracefully*

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

RECAP: Panama + Guyana 2014 Vacay!

I'm bacccck and ready to tackle Fall/Winter 2014! My vacation is officially over and it's back to business per usual, I love to travel but I've realized that there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME. I had a blast on vacation with my family, we traveled to Panama for less than 24 hours then stayed in Guyana for about 8 days (Wi-Fi was kind of shaky so my dearest apologies for the lack of posts while I was away). The weather, food and people were all but of amazing and welcoming, I couldn't have asked for a better end to a beautiful summer than to be surrounded by my family. Ideally, I traveled to Guyana about 2 times before this trip but I really got the chance to really embrace my roots and explore the many towns that my parents rant and rave about. My experience was beyond what I could've imagined and it really changed my perspective on a lot of things (that's what traveling does to you). I was humbled by the abundance of love and care by my family once we got there, they are one of a kind. For this trip I decided to keep it very casual and comfortable, since I knew it would be pretty warm and I would be doing a lot of walking. All of my outfits are very much "repeats with a remix" from the Summer! Anyway, check out a few pictures from my vacation below:

First stop was Panama City and it was beautiful! We stayed at this very chic hotel, although the customer service was a bit off the hotel in itself was really a looker. I can't wait to go back and explore the city! I got the chance to kick it at the pool for a few before our flight and I decided to wear my turquoise cover-up over my bathing suit gifted by my mom, I'm in love with it. I wish you could see the beaded detail on it, truly a beautiful addition to my closet.
I'm not really a beer drinker but this Banks beer had me swooning, OMG sooo good!

WHAT I WORE: Nude tank by H&M/ Cream lace shorts by BEBE (old)/ Flat sandals by UO/ Shades gifted/
Annnnd just like that....I'm in Georgetown, Guyana at the swanky Gravity Lounge with my family. This is by far the best nightclub/restaurant in the country of Guyana, what a treat it was to be here! The rooftop was amazing and the food was delightful, I'll be back for sure.  
Salmon & Shrimp Cajun pasta with red wine had me in heaven! Amazing food and service!!

I stayed a night at the Pegasus hotel in Georgetown (the oldest hotel in the country) and it was truly an experience. The wooden key had me eager to learn more about the hotel, although it's centuries old the renovations being made and customer service was one to remember. The rooms were impeccable and it was a nice welcome to Guyana for sure!
Animals was everywhere once we got into the country side of Guyana...I loved it!

WHAT I WORE: "Kiss Me In French" crop top by UO/ Black knotted skirt/Sandals by Michael Kors/Phillip Lim for Target bag/Sunglasses gifted/  
 It's super hot in Guyana so it's necessary to bring an umbrella when venturing out during the day, Thank God I packed mine! Me, my sister, my nephews and two cousins of ours walked down to Churches chicken for lunch and got the chance to do a little bit of exploring before heading to my Aunt's house in Corriverton, Guyana.
How funny is this sign? It's outside of a Nursery school in front of my Grandmother's home. I had a little chuckle when I read this.

WHAT I WORE: Betsey Johnson dress (old) from UO/
 Fast forward to my Aunt's 50 birthday party where I had a blast, I love my family they know how to party although I tapped out around 3am...they went until the sun came up lol. By this point my hair was doing spirals so I opted for my signature bun for the remainder of the trip (natural hair don't care).

Saltfish, Potatoes, Plantain and boiled egg for breakfast = Caribbean!  

I couldn't help but to have a little photo-shoot. My 9 year old and 5 year old nephew were my photog's for the trip....not too bad if I do say so myself! lol

WHAT I WORE: White romper/Vintage roped belt/Flat sandals by UO/
I channeled my inner BeyoncĂ©, I always swoon at her vacay pictures so I took a page in her tumblr and voila this pic! My Aunt and Uncle's home is so beautiful (I wish I could show you), this photo was taken inside their gates. Guyana is a really rural place and the random animals you see on the road/street gives you a whole appreciation for nature.  

Yes, I'm holding a Iguana...conquering fears I tell you #bucketlist  

My absolute favorite drink when I go to Guyana! Champs in a little bottle while travelling city to city was all I needed.

Usually on the weekends there is a huge market that is set up not too far away from my dad's home in Rosignol, Guyana. The fresh fruit and vegetables are sold by the locals of the town and for bargaining prices, although we missed out on the market because of my Aunt's party a few vendors had their products on sale during the week.

I introduced my little nephews to the most amazing shaved ice treat of their lives, it beyond scrumptious!
WHAT I WORE: Straw hat by Aldo (old)/Navy blue romper by H&M (old)/Bag by ZARA/
 All my fun was coming to an end, although I was sad to leave Guyana I was definitely happy to get back to Wi-Fi lol.

Annnd we passed a massive hurdle of cows crossing the road on our way to the airport. I'm definitely going to miss all the animals crossing the road, deep down I love the country (don't tell my friends that live in the city lol).
I hope you guys enjoyed my recap from my trip, I can't put into words how amazing this trip was...I love traveling with my family!! Now let's get back into fashion....

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Happy Sunday via Guyana, South America!

Heyyy Everyone!! I'm blogging live from Guyana, South America on the front porch of my Aunt & Uncle's fabulous estate. Wifi has been a bit shaky here so I'm finally getting a chance to connect with you all. I hope everyone is enjoying October so far!! From Panama and now to Guyana, I can honestly say October has been treating me well.

Before I headed here I had the most amazing weekend with my friends (they know how to make me smile). Last Saturday was filled with running around and trying get my life together before my trip, which I succeeded at (Thank you God). Then, my friend surprised me with a cute date in the city riding bikes through the was perfect and definitely a check off my bucketlist (Thank you ☺️). The weather was almost too perfect and watching the sunset while biking through the city made me fall in love with DC all over again, it was just what I needed before my flight! The only issue was that I was in heels (Yes, I biked in heels) and was peddling like Lance Armstrong according to my friend ��'s not for everyone but definitely something to do if you've never done it before lol. 

I'm so glad I decided to wear comfortable heels (Thank you Zara) because it wasn't the easiest ride but at least I got a good work out. By Sunday I brunched with my bestfriends and got to just relax before my flight (Ahhhmazinnn weekend). Fast-forwarding to today, I'm really enjoying my time in the sunny and beautiful South America. I've never slept so much in my life, the breeze alone is enough have you sleeping for a few hours easily. Anyway, I only have a few more days here so I'll try to blog again this evening!!! 

*bows out gracefully*

Friday, September 26, 2014


Happy Hour earlier this week with my girls!

Earlier this week I got the chance to catch up with my girlfriends over cocktails and amazing food, it was just what I needed to get me through this week! With so much on our plate these days and our schedules always conflicting it was really nice to see their faces and reunite for a few hours. What a great week it has been and to top it off Scandal came back #happygirl Did you guys watch? And I also watched How to get away with Murder too, I think that maybe added to my Thursday line up. It's CBC week here in DC, so I plan to partake in some event  this weekend among catching up with some friends before my much anticipated trip! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, I hear the weather will be nice...Indian Summer? I'll take that.   
*bows out gracefully*

Thursday, September 25, 2014

TUMBLR THURSDAY: SchuntelXO's Top 10 of the Week!

Since I've been back to blogging, I've also been back to tumbling on SchuntelXO and I've drawn so much inspiration! Check out my Top 10 of the week below:
Kate Moss dripped in diamonds...yes I'll have what she's having!
That moment you realize your vacation is less than a week away *does shmoney dance*

Birds of a feather....

So adorable, made my ovaries jump!

I need a colored suit like this for Fall!
I just saw Idris Elba last week...I mean I went to the movies and saw No Good Deed lol. Why he so fine ya'll? #ManCrushEVERYDAY

One of my favorite runway shows this season! I'm obsessed with Black Barbie!

Feeling like YOLO these days!

Will & Jada. She carries the shoes, he carries her, security gets them through the crowd.
I WANT that!

PARIS FASHION WEEK: Kim, Kanye & Baby North Take Their Front Row Seat!

The West family has made a fashionable entrance to Paris for fashion week (I'm having serious FOMO!) with their adorable daughter little North West. The family's first show was at Balenciaga where North West sat front row at her very first fashion show, what a lucky little tot she is! The West family wore all black and NW wore her daddy's "Yeezus" shirt over a leather skirt and leggings and black timberland rocker chic is she? Can we pause and be jealous of this 14 month year old? Lol! She is living the fashion dream I want right now! #FixItYeezus

images via: E!Online

How cute is this family? I'm obsessed with Kim's makeup she's been looking every bit of flawless and polished lately. Her fashion choices have been spot on as well, and I'll take NW's Yeezus shirt as well. With 93 shows in 9 days we need to get use to seeing the Wests around town...and I'm here for every part of it! I'm even kind of feeling Kanye's new haircut, a very different look from him that I appreciate.  
Happy Paris Fashion Week! I'll be stalking virtually lol...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

TALK THAT TALK: Finding A Balance

I write this post from the deepest part my heart and meaning every single word. It took me a few weeks to get the courage to post this but the day has come and I'm confident that this will resonate with someone that is struggling to find their balance. Blogging is not only my hobby, passion or bored obsession, it has become my outlet to deal with life's series of ups/downs. For the past couple of months, I've sat back, observed and watched so many things change in my life without notice and I couldn't be more grateful for the life lessons. At first I couldn't understand why things were going my way it did and why I was feeling the way I did but it became so clear to me after I started journaling and learning to find my inner peace. My 20s has taught me so much about myself and yes I know that's so "clichĂ©" to say but it truly has, I'm not sure I would be the person I am today if it wasn't for all the experiences that taught me "life goes on" and always strive to be the person you would want to meet.
And I'm not just saying that because I'm 28 and feeling like I should've had things all figured out by now, but because I've really taken charge of my life with guidance and direction given to me by the man upstairs. My female intuition has grown, my love for God has blossomed, my family has expanded in ways I've never imagined, my friends have become my extended family, my dating life has been a series of highs/lows that keeps me on my toes, my work life has become my daily routine and my heart...well my heart has become use to trying to find a balance with it all. I'm constantly having discussions about "getting my life together" with my girlfriends and how I want to be that super woman that can do it all. Yes, I know it's all about timing so I've heard and learned. I think my biggest challenge this year was with my friendships, and finding the balance to maintain healthy and meaningful relationships with women that I grew to admire and whole heartedly look up to.

I'm perfect by no means, but I like to think that my girlfriends are a direct reflection of me and the things I aspire to be. What's the point of being surrounded by people you cannot learn or grow from/with? I'm extremely blessed to have them in my life and without them I don't know where I would be (Thank you!). Again, it's all about BALANCE...I have girlfriends that are married, in serious relationships, complicated situationships, phenomenal mothers, chasing their dreams and trying to figure out their purpose and we all make time for each other because we know that's important. If you know anything about me, then you know I come from a huge Caribbean family and we are ALWAYS celebrating something. Making cameos and showing up to celebrations near/far has been a commitment of mine since I was younger, my parents instilled in me the value of showing support by your physical presence and until this day I still think it's important to support your family and friends by attending their events, etc. My friends constantly tease me about my social calendar and not knowing "how I do it", it's simple...I find the time.

Over the past couple of years I've definitely realized that I am only ONE person and capable of doing so much so I say "NO" now when I have to without any apologies because I come first and I am my first priority (Whew..that was hard to say!). I have learned to prioritize my hectic social calendar and find time for myself because at one point I would overbook myself so much that I would skip meals, lose sleep and forget to even look in the mirror. I was running myself ragged and people could tell because of the bags under my eyes and the constant need to "be somewhere". I would be so busy running around and making everyone else happy and feeling like they were #1 that I forgot to put myself in the running for 1st place. It happens to the best of us and that's when I looked up the word BALANCE (an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady) because I lost all sense of this in my early 20s. I use to know how to party on a Wednesday night, wake up and study for an exam and pass with flying colors in college then when I graduated it became harder because my responsibilities were piling on and there was no time to do all of that in the real world. Graduating from college and entering into the workforce then going back to school with so much on my plate, finding a balance was a goal I set a few years back and I'd like to say that I've finally accomplished it!! I've learned to take a necessary step back when I had to, re-evaluate my relationships with people when needed, get dressed up and show up for important events/things, and prioritize where "Schuntel time" fits in my schedule. With some adjustments and life throwing me a few hurdles along the way I've learned to keep my head high (and heels higher) while I aimed to find my balance in my quiet moments.

I think there is a real beauty and strength to finding your balance in this world we live in especially in knowing that YOU are just as important as everyone else you are making a priority in your life. With every season there comes change and growth, so I'd like to think at 28 years old I've learned something about balancing my rollercoaster of a life. I've watched my sisters become phenomenal mothers and still make time to socialize with their friends, go on date night with their husbands and even have some "me time". There is certainly a way to finding the balance we all need to surviving our 20s and conquering our 30s ladies (and gentlemen...if you're reading lol). Have you found your balance? Do you make time for yourself? Is prioritizing certain things in your life going to bring you the most peace? What are you doing to make YOU happy? These are questions I ask myself often because after all, you are first and it's important to take care of you first before you can take care of someone else's needs/wants. I really hope this post resonates with someone and it reassures you that finding a balance is healthy and necessary to sustaining meaningful relationships needed for growing and learning. 

*bows out gracefully*   

FASHION NEWS: The Limited Debuts 'Scandal' Inspired Collection

image via: TheYBF
Olivia Pope, I mean Kerry Washington is BACK and looking amazing post baby! I can only wish to be as fabulous and effortless as she always appears to be, I'm loving the cobalt blue dress and her hair is perfection! Kerry made a show stopping appearance at Good Morning America to show off her new collaboration with The Limited that is now available online and in-stores just in time for the new season of Scandal! The collection has about 40 pieces that can be worn interchangeably with one another and channels the "Livvy look" perfectly. Price range? $49 to $298...which is fairly reasonable in my opinion. The collection is perfect if your looking for work attire this Fall/Winter, I'm definitely going to grab a few pieces but I'm completely swooning over this Cape Trench Coat. Check out Kerry, Costume Designer Lyn Paolo and Limited head designer Elliot Staples on Good Morning America discussing a few looks from the collection below:

Are you gladiators ready for Scandal this Thursday (9/25)? I cannot wait!!!